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Computer Information Systems

Careers in Computer Information Systems

With a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems, career options include: Business Analyst, Computer Programmer, Database Administrator, 信息系统经理, Information Technology Specialist, Computer Systems Manager, Software Developer, 网页设计师, Systems Analyst and System/Network Administrator to name a few. With computer systems being at the heart of everything we do today demand for graduates is high.

Bachelor's degrees

This major is designed to prepare the graduate with skills in information systems and management for an entry-level position that could lead to a career in a variety of Information Systems positions. The student will develop skills with typical office software packages, basic networking, and operating systems, relational database design, and programming, basic web design, structured programming using one or more high-level programming languages, systems analysis, 和设计, team management, gain a fundamental knowledge of the organizational structure.

Courses in the program are designed around realistic business problems and hands-on experience with both hardware and software. As the graduate expands their knowledge and skills with specific software and systems, developing valuable expertise, career opportunities widen into positions such as systems/network administrator, 程序员, systems designer, systems analyst, systems engineer, or MIS manager.

Available On-Campus and 在线