文学硕士学位 in Education


While this degree is aligned with the role of master teachers, 课程管理员, and instructional coordinators in K12 education, it is designed to address the philosophy, 流程, and technical skills to design and implement program needs of a wide variety of learning institutions. Early childhood education administrators and teachers, 教师, and staff in private institutions of learning, instructors of professional development in non-profit organizations, team managers for business operations, and professors of academic content areas in higher education institutions would find this degree beneficial.

This course provides a powerful employment advantage to a generation that seeks to ensure the cost of their college education provides them with a degree that can be used in various career options.


The 文学硕士学位 in Education is a program for students who wish to advance themselves as instructional coordinators or supervising educators. This program will allow participants to acquire a theoretical background in human learning, leadership for teaching and learning and develop skills for professional work regarding directorial oversight and design of training 流程 within various organizations.

The 文学硕士学位 in Education: Instructional Design and Curricular Supervision builds on the skills of professional educators by continuing to focus on the framework components at a systemic level. Participants of the MAED program will work within the current body of knowledge regarding how professional educators can redesign learning centers and schooling 流程 to be more interdisciplinary and dynamic.

The proposed program engages learners in leading by design through systems thinking using an interdisciplinary and integrated approach to teaching and learning.

The integrated approach to instructional design is in keeping with the Liberal Arts concept of learning. 学生 at the graduate level will use a variety of readings, both contemporary and classical. They will examine ideas in philosophy and religion to explore what it means to have learning environments that are not sterile but are motivating and invigorating. As students explore what thinkers of educational 流程, both ancient and contemporary, 已经建立了, they will add their own research to the current field of knowledge.

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This course is completely online. offered from our branch campus at St. 安德鲁斯大学.